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Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support(4PCs)

Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support(4PCs)

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😱Does the sound of the washing machine ring in your ears? 
😖Or dirt has accumulated under the refrigerator!! 
😢Can't clean the floor properly? 
👍Then this product is for you, look at the solution!


  • Floor protection: Equipped with anti-vibration and non-slip rubber pads, as well as a shock-absorbing suction cup. These features help to protect the floor by absorbing excessive vibration caused by the washing machine.

  • Non-slip mat: The cushion's honeycomb traction mode greatly reduces the vibration caused by the washing machine and dryer, preventing it from shaking due to excessive vibration.
  • Reduce noise pollution: Designed to effectively reduce up to 99% of vibration, helping to prevent noise and provide a calm and comfortable experience.
  • Height and level: Elevating furniture and electronic equipment a few centimeters above the floor can effectively prevent moisture buildup and improve ventilation. Additionally, this makes it easier to clean the area underneath.

  • Multi-purpose and general size: You can use these cushions anywhere in your home, and it is compatible with any type of furniture, such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, tables, sofas, beds and other furniture because of their high-quality materials and good carrying capacity.

  • Easy to install: Installation is a breeze - just fit a pad to each tube and then place the machine back on the base or stand. You can easily install these pads directly under the original feet, and they will provide stable and reliable load-bearing support. The pads are highly padded and moisture-resistant, and the wash tray has giant feet that prevent shifting and sliding. The best part is that you don't need any adhesive to install them!

Product information
  • Material: resin fibre, TPU adhesive
  • Use: Heightening and levelling, ventilation and moisture protection
  • Suitable for: washing machines and other appliances or furniture
  • Scenario: damp standing water, steps, sanitation, dead ends or inconvenience of putting in drains, etc
  • Product dimensions: total height 4 cm, actual height increase 3-3.5 cm, depth of the groove in the inner ring of the feet is approx. 0.5-1 cm. Use for washing machines or appliances with furniture feet less than 5 cm directly
 Package includes:
  • 4 Pcs* Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support
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