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Foldable Keyboard

Foldable Keyboard

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[ Lightweight Iand Powerful ]

- The use of a matte finish provides a delightful tactile experience, while the keyboard itself is crafted from aircraft-grade materials and has been engineered to withstand falls.

[ Compatible with Most Modern Devices ]

- With a high degree of compatibility across Bluetooth®-enabled devices, this keyboard can be used seamlessly with a wide range of systems. Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, you can easily switch between devices without the need for a new keyboard. It's worth noting, however, that the touchpad feature is not compatible with the ISO system. So if you upgrade your phone or switch to a new laptop or tablet, you can continue to use the same keyboard without any hassle.

[ Great for Vacations and Travel ]

-  As baggage fees can accumulate rapidly, it's advisable to travel with smaller items. If your boyfriend is an avid traveler, he may find the Jelly Comb Folding Bluetooth Keyboard to be a more practical option than a larger laptop computer. Instead of carrying a bulky device, he can use a small tablet or smartphone, such as an iPhone, along with the compact and portable Jelly Comb keyboard. This will not only help to save on baggage fees but also make it easier to travel with all the necessary devices.

[ Rechargeable Battery ]

- With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard offers users up to 48 hours of writing time on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for extended use. Additionally, the keyboard has an impressive standby time of up to 560 hours, ensuring that it can be left unused for an extended period without requiring frequent recharging.

[ Increases Productivity ]

- The wireless mini Bluetooth keyboard allows users to easily transform their tablet or phone into a miniature laptop for efficient and comfortable typing. Compared to touch screen typing, using an old-school keyboard can be significantly faster. This keyboard can be a great solution in situations where your regular laptop is unavailable or experiencing technical difficulties, providing a quick and convenient alternative for on-the-go typing needs.


-- Keyboard lifespan: 3 million
-- Bluetooth version: 3.0
-- Interface and connector type: Bluetooth
-- Power type: lithium-ion battery
-- Lithium-ion battery capacity: 140mAh
-- Working voltage: 3.7V
-- Standby current: 0.25mA
-- Use key the working current: less than 3mA
-- Use touchpad the working current: less than
-- Working distance: less than 15m
-- Button material: ABS
-- Keyboard layout: 64 keys

Please note that:

1. There are two styles of this link. The third Folding style (Touchpad Mode) is with touch function, and the second Folding style( Basic Mode) is without touch function. 

2. Devices without Bluetooth need to buy a Bluetooth receiver by themselves.




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