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InstaShine Watch Cleaning Spray

InstaShine Watch Cleaning Spray

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Restore your old wristwatches in just a simple spray with this InstaShine Watch Cleaning Spray! Designed to deep clean and give no harm to your watches!
Provides a deep cleaning effect on all types of watches for it has made with premium quality ingredients! Won’t fade and clean any build-up dirt on your accessory in just seconds.
A perfect timeless and easy-to-use watch cleaner that is 0% ammonia and toxic-free! Brings convenient and odorless jewelry cleaner with a refreshing scent, making you and your family comfortable and hassle-free!

• Instantly Cleans Luxury Watches
Removes any whitening, scratches, dirts and impurities on watches! Combined with an anti-tarnish agent for a brilliant and shinier finished!
• 5 Seconds Restoration
Bring back the look on your old wristwatch in just 5 seconds, adopts a rinse-free convenient cleaning for easier use!
• Removes Dirt Instantly
Easily removes unpleasant stains on your jewelry in just a single spray! Proven and tested to contain 0% ammonia, alcohol, harsh chemicals, or abrasives, making harmless on your nose when used.
• Easily Removes Yellowing on Watch
No more yellowing on your old watches with this easy spray watch cleaner! Effectively removes even a long time stains.
• Time-Saving Stain Remover
Unlike other jewelry stain remover, this InstaShine watch cleaning spray will make your cleaning hassle-free! Automatically wipe and done!

• Non-toxic Safe Use
 Used with an environmental friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients. Cleans your watch with safe ingredients without any harmful effects to you or your family!

• Easy to Use
Easily cleans and makes a great watch cleaner, just simply spray and wipe for a cleaner results. Convenient and practical for just 5 seconds use!
• Widely Use
 Strong enough to clean all types of watches such as gold, platinum, silver, leather, etc. Great enough to clean even other jewelry of your choice!

• Size:

• InstaShine Watch Cleaning Spray x 1 PC
• InstaShine Watch Cleaning Spray x 2 PCS
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