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Screen Cleaner Spray

Screen Cleaner Spray

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 No More Greasy Marks on Your Screen

Tired of having a greasy, oily screen covered in fingerprints? It makes you sick just thinking about it, right? Screen Cleaner Spray will help you fight these nasty habits. With its all-in-one spray and microfiber wipe combo, you can kiss your dirty screen goodbye!

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Your Screen Is Dirtier Than You Think!!! 

Your phone is 10 times dirtier than most toilet seats.

Mobile phones are exposed to numerous germs and bacteria on a daily basis, making them one of the dirtiest items we interact with. It's crucial to adopt a regular and simple practice of cleaning your screens to prevent the accumulation of grime and other unpleasant marks.

With the Screen Cleaner Spray, you can easily and effectively clean any screen and give it a fresh and new appearance, no matter where you are.

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Develop Healthy Habits

While people tend to wash their hands frequently, they often overlook the importance of cleaning their phone screen, which can harbor a surprising amount of dirt and germs.

The frequent and extended use of our phones makes them susceptible to accumulating germs and bacteria due to the heat they generate throughout the day.

The warm environment allows bacteria to grow very easily and increases the risk of infection.

Change that today with our beloved Screen Cleaner Spray!

PHONE,  Cleaner,  Screen,  CleanscreenX,  Screen Cleaner - CleanscreenX,

Rechargeable: Yes

Material: Microfiber flannel + Eco-Friendly cleaning fluid

Capacidade: 10ML

Size: 9cm*2.7cm

Número de pulverizações: 200 vezes

Applicable Equipment: notebook computers, general purpose, mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, etc.

Type of it: General cleaning Kit

PHONE,  Cleaner,  Screen,  CleanscreenX,  Screen Cleaner - CleanscreenX,


Does Screen Cleaner Spray come with liquid inside?

You must fill the receptacle with water or preferably liquid alcohol, which functions effectively with both substances.

Can I clean my TV or other screens with Screen Cleaner Spray?

Certainly! Our product was made with specific material to clean screens in general, so you can use it to clean other screens.

Can I use it on my phone that is not waterproof?

Absolutely! To prevent the liquid from entering the phone's inlets, we advise that you solely apply the Screen Cleaner Spray on your screen glass and rear windows. Additionally, we suggest using a moderate amount of 1-3 sprays for cleaning your device's screen to avoid an excessive amount of water.

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